Sunday School

 The children and staff of the Sunday School

Just to remind you that on Sunday 28th September we will be making banners to hang in Church on Harvest Sunday, 5th October.  This is an occasion where the more hands we have the better it will be to get the job done, so please try to attend.

 Harvest Sunday 5th October – could you please meet in the Lang Hall on this Sunday at 10.45am so that we can enter the Church together and hand over our harvest gifts.  We will be singing two songs – we will practice these while we make our banners.

 Here are the dates up to the end of the year.  More information about these will follow:

 September 28th – Banner making.

 October 5th – Harvest – meet in the Lang Hall at 10.45am.

 October 12th – Normal Sunday.

 October 19th – Normal Sunday.

 October 26th – Lady who gives a talk about the environment will be along.  She tells us about the sea and dolphins, etc.  

 November 2nd – Normal Sunday.

 November 9th – Children in Need – we will be baking for children in need and selling our produce at the end of Church.  This is also Remembrance Sunday so we will meet in the Lang Hall at 10.45 for our bake-a-thon.

November 16th – Normal Sunday.

November 23rd – Normal Sunday.

November 30th – Gift Service.  It’s a wee bit earlier this year.  If we could meet in the Lang Hall at 10.45am so that we can enter the Church together and hand over our gifts.

December 7th – Normal Sunday.

December 14th – Normal Sunday, although we will be rehearsing for our nativity play and checking costume sizes for everyone.  We (hopefully) will have learned all the songs and lines by this time.  We will also have the Christmas party today straight after Sunday School.  Invitation to follow with times and details.

December 21st – Christmas Nativity – could everyone meet in the Lang Hall, giving the staff and, of course, yourselves, enough time to get ready.

We will be starting rehearsals soon, so could all the people who have already been asked please meet me after our banner making so that they can be given scripts, readings, etc.  We will meet most Sundays from now on as we have found that the more practice the children get, the more confident they are and the more comfortable they feel when the actual day arrives.

Your child is always welcome.  If you have a problem please don’t hesitate to speak to me or a member of staff at any time or phone on 01505 813250.  We also appreciate your input if you have any suggestions please let me know.