Oakshaw Buzz Calendar

Here are some upcoming events for your diary if you have children at the Sunday School:

March 8th – Normal Sunday
March 15th – Baptism
March 22nd – Mothering Sunday
March 29th – Normal Sunday

April 5th – Banner Making
April 12th – Easter Sunday
April 19th – Normal Sunday
April 26th – Normal Sunday

Safety:  During Sunday School we must ensure the safety of the children at all times.  If for any reason (e.g. Church duty, optional communion, or pastoral business) parents or guardians may be delayed in getting to pick up children from Sunday School, could they please let a member of the Sunday School Staff know of the delay and the reason, and if you could ensure the children understand that they must make their way to the Lang Hall where they will be cared for by a member of staff until the parent or guardian arrives.

Could you please ensure that your children understand that during Sunday School they must not leave the building unless they are accompanied by a member of staff, or under staff instruction.


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